Guilded Lilies|Songs from the Beige Room

Welcome to the Guilded Lilies home page, featuring grass roots original music
from the confines of the legendary Beige Room at Dogwood Studios.

The Guilded Lilies experiment brings together influences from different music perspectives, from folk to blues to rock, and the results are just starting to come in, which is why it's good to have you here.

To the right are four tracks from a demo produced this past summer. They can be downloaded by simply right-clicking on the links and choosing the "save target as" option. Additionally, lyrics for these songs can be viewed on our lyrics page.

Our visitors are invited to download these songs for free, but we humbly ask that those who download would respect the rights of those behind the music. Should you have any questions about this site, send a message to: guilded.lilies(at)

Thank you and enjoy!

MP3 Audio fresh from the Garden State:

Best-Laid Plans
Closer to Sober
I Am Not

Click here to view the lyrics

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